Cuadro Gallery

'If only I could take you by the scruff of the neck and submit you to my will '... I speak to you Time!


Everything happens so quickly that there are moments, including simple everyday activities that, despite all my efforts, I cannot remember ... For me, everything happens so quickly that my brain is unable to process what has just happened, before another thought and action takes over and they pile up, one on top of the other.


My technique allows me to live in Time with more calm. Putting every piece of paper in the right place, considering its position and combining each piece with other pieces in order to create a whole.


It all begins with the break down of an image, searching to generate a new one. Firstly, cutting my image up into hundreds of pieces, and then reassembling it on a new canvas. In recent years, through various experiments, my work took shape becoming what I see as "Impresionismo en Papel" or "Impressionism in Paper" ... by cutting and tearing up the pages of fashion magazines into thousands of pieces of paper, I can then create textural images that give life to a new experience for the observer. My artworks, caressing the eye, allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the collage so that, they too, like me, are able to stop Time.